Sunday, 19 July 2009

Best Intentions

I was determined to get out birding on patch this afternoon, but a trip to Exeter followed by a battle with the PC trying to install some new software, then an impromptu afternoon snooze put paid to all my good intentions. :(

I missed a Little Ringed Plover on Black Hole Marsh... I know because I had a text about it whilst I was asleep. I did take my bins out onto the beach and have a quick look at the sea, where I saw a couple of Gannets (that counts doesn't it?) I'll get out there tomorrow for sure. I will!

I have been mothing though, you'll be pleased to hear. Both last night and Friday night the trap's been set up round at Bun's again, (tonight too hopefully), and has caught around 100 moths! 40-50 moths a night is becoming a reliable total.
New species for the (Bun's) garden were: Buff Tip, Dingy Footman, Buff Footman, Early Thorn, Scalloped Oak Small Emerald, Lesser Yellow-underwing, Fern, Common Wainscot, Common Pug, Dunbar, July High Flyer, Codlin Moth, Leopard Moth, Uncertain, Brimstone, Cabbage Moth, Dark Spectacle, Silver Y, Common Emerald and Small Fan-footed Wave.

Here are pictures of a few of them, and a 'once rare' Ladybird too.

Common Emerald


Early Thorn

Scalloped Oak



Rosy Footman

Dark Spectacle

Buff Tip

'Moth of the Day' today was this here Leopard Moth

Apparently once rare, this is an Orange 16 spot Ladybird

Finally, my daughter Martha and her friend Kirsty went to London to the 'London Film and Comic Con' (yes my daughter is a self-confessed geek!) She was able to meet a few of her favourite actors, including one Keeley Hawes, (Alex Drake in Ashes to Ashes), which was the entire reason she made the trip in the first place.

Wish Granted.

Here's another photo she brought back... Hope she doesn't want to bring him home!! :-S

Martha and her new 'boyfriend'!?

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Wilma said...

The scallopped oak is a real beauty, bettered only by your daughter.