Friday 10 March 2017

A Few Things from The Summer on Portland

Portland is deservedly famous for rare birds but it's also a great place for wildflowers and invertebrates. Here's a few photos from May and June.


Hoary Cress Lepidium draba

Hairy Rock-cress - Arabis hirsuta

Rosy Garlic - Allium roseum

Yellow Vetch - Vicia lutea

Small Blue - Cupido minimus

Egg of Small Blue on Kidney Vetch.


Sea Clover Trifolium squamosum

Bastard Toadflax - Thesium humifusum

Down Shieldbug - Canthophorus impressus

A rare shieldbug associated with Bastard Toadflax 

Small Elephant Hawkmoth -  Deilephila porcellus

This is a species I never did catch in my moth trap. I cheated a bit here by fishing this one out of the Portland Bird Observatory's Trap for a photo shoot.

Wild Asparagus - Asparagus prostratus

Four-leaved Allseed - Polycarpon tetraphyllum

We actually walked right over these diminutive plants on the ridge at Ferrybridge whilst actively looking for them!
We'd given up and were walking back to the car park when we finally spotted them and once we'd seen one others were more obvious, making us wonder how we originally missed them.

Early Gentian - Gentianella anglica

Lackey Moth Caterpillar - Malacosoma neustria  

 Lulworth Skipper - Thymelicus acteon

Silver-studded Blue - Plebeius argus



Gibster said...

Great to see the Asparagus looking so well, haven't seen her for well over a year now.

Karen Woolley said...

Sorry Seth. That is not she, it's a plant from the reintroduction on Portland. I'm hoping to see the original plant this year having only just found out the exact-ish location.

Gibster said...

Well that's kinda confusing...the original 'she' had Cornish lad's pollen shaken all over and hence the seedlings all around. So far as I'm aware there's just that one patch (near the green box on Hamm Beach)in existence, in a Dorset context at least. Smart looking beastie regardless!

Karen Woolley said...

Some of her offspring have been re introduced to the Portland mainland on a clifftop site there are several plants doing quite well.