Thursday, 15 December 2016

Cattle Egrets

I was out today looking at birds, yes, you read that correctly, birds! Well mostly, I was also looking at a rare fungus too. I was with Dave L who'd had some good views of the seven Cattle Egrets at Teigngrace yesterday and after we'd seen and photographed the fungus (coming up in a later post) we parked up by their favoured fields and waited. They were nowhere to be seen at first but after a short wait we spotted one having a bit of a fly around. It never landed in view but gave us hope of seeing others. Just as we were about to give up due to an approaching rain storm they appeared. Four landed in the field in front of us and three others in a field over the road but out of view. Then the heavens opened and we got soaked but at least we got some shots of them albeit in the rain.

I could only get three in a photo at once.
Here just before the rain started...

... and then in the deluge.

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JRandSue said...

Great to see large numbers,love the Rain shots.