Wednesday 30 September 2015

Lunar Eclipse

I didn't set my alarm to watch the lunar eclipse on Monday morning as chances were that I'd be awake anyway. It's my age I'm afraid. And there was I thinking I'd never find anything good about waking up in the middle of the night every night! On the night in question I woke up a bit earlier than my usual 4am and was in time to see the eclipse totality. Unfortunately from our flat I had to lean right out of the window to see the moon as we have no west facing ones, also the 'security' lights on some neighbouring flats made viewing rather difficult without the aid of a welding mask! So I threw on some clothes, got in the car and headed off into the darkness for a better view. The best thing about it was that during totality the moon looked really 3D, like a ball suspended in the blackness, normally it always looks flat if you know what I mean. That three-dimensionalness doesn't really show on photos. I couldn't be bothered to set up my DSLR on a tripod (not that I'd have had the time) so I took a few snaps with my super-zoom that aren't too bad and certainly make a nice memento of the occasion.


Wilma said...

Very nice, Karen! We had too much haze and then clouds to see much of the moon in shadow.

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks Wilma.Sorry to hear you missed out. It certainly was a rare occurance for us to have clear skies over here!