Sunday, 7 June 2015

Powerstock Common

I've been waiting for some warm and sunny weather so that I can visit one of my favourite places, Powerstock Common near Bridport in Dorset and that's where I went today. I was hoping for a repeat of my success last year in finding and photographing the elusive Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-moth and after much searching (well standing around waiting really) I did. I only managed to see two individuals but one slowed down long enough for me to get a few photos. Definitely my favourite moth. I love 'em! There were lots of Marsh Fritillaries, many more than I saw last year and hundreds of Common Blues. I also saw Grizzled Skipper, Dingy Skipper, and my first Painted Lady, Small Heath and Large Skipper of the year. I also saw new plant for me, that being Lesser Water Plantain. Best bird of the day was a flyover Red Kite.

One very quick flying visit to a Meadow Thistle and that was it.

Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-moth - Hemaris tityus

 Common Blue - Polyommatus icarus

Female Common Blue on Forget-me-not.

Dingy Skipper - Erynnis tages

Grizzled Skipper - Pyrgus malvae

Marsh Fritillary - Euphydryas aurinia

Reed beetles ? (Plateumaris sp) getting amorous on Bogbean flower.

Heath Spotted Orchids - Dactylorhiza maculata

Common Twayblade - Neottia ovata

Lesser Water-plantain - Baldellia ranunculoides

Common Milkwort Polygala vulgaris

Last but most definitely not least.... 
Red Kite

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