Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Pearl-bordered Fritillary and Co.

I went out looking for butterflies today both in Devon and Somerset. I didn't manage to see any Duke of Burgundy (it's still a bit early for them though) but did see my first Dingy Skipper and Grizzled Skipper of the year at the site I visited in Somerset. There were lots of Pearl-bordered Fritillaries at one of the usual sites near Exeter though.

Pearl-bordered Fritillary


The above two shots were taken with the 400mm lens.
I had an attempt at getting an action shot but it was difficult to get focus with such a messy background.
The rest of the PBF shots were taken with my  SX50.

Look away now if you're of a nervous disposition.....

 It's got a passenger!
 A mite or a tick?

It's actually walking in the butterfly's eye!
What? You'd like a closer look....Okay..


Dingy Skipper

Grizzled Skipper

Orange Tip

Wood Spurge (Euphorbia amygdaloides)


amanda peters said...

Beautiful photos of butterflies I have never seen apart from the Orange Tip...

Paul Redman said...

Guess the Somerset site was Thurlbear Quarrylands? Off there the weekend as Dukes have been seen their in small numbers.

Paul Redman

Karen Woolley said...

Yes Paul, I usually see Dukes there but it was a bit early. It's always good for Grizzled though.

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks Amanda