Monday, 9 December 2013

Black Redstart and I've Started So I'll Finish

Well it's been a while hasn't it? Truth is, I've not been on top form health wise since the end of the summer and over the last couple of months it's really all I can do to go to work each day. I've been doing a tiny bit of birding, looking around the yacht club from the car and the odd visit to Seaton Marshes but that's about it. What about the photo year-list? Well, 'it's not over 'til it's over' and luckily I've saved some photos that didn't quite 'make the grade' earlier in the year. But before that visual treat here's a few snaps of the gorgeous male Black Redstart that has been knocking about around the harbour area for a week or so.

I haven't seen anything of note at Seaton Marshes but it's not that surprising since last time I visited I was greeted by this...

What the ****?!

The birds weren't amused.

Anyway back to the list, and here we have straight from the cutting room floor, as it were....

No. 128 Buzzard

No. 129 Green Woodpecker 
( It is one. Honestly!)

No 130. Bullfinch

No. 131 Gannet 

No.132 Greenfinch

No.133 Jay

No.134 Jackdaw

 No. 135 Skylark

No 136  Lesser Black-backed Gull 

No.137 Linnet

 No.138 Little Grebe

No.139 Peregrine

 No.140 Yellowhammer

No.141 Kingfisher

No 142. Common Scoter
 (Yes, really)

No. 143 Stock Dove

Will it end at 143? I hope not because I'm determined to get Rock Pipit on there at least. Don't know how I've missed that one! Mistle Thrush is a possibility too.

I'll try and keep the blog updated from now on (even if just once a week) and hopefully I'll start to feel better soon too. Although having said that a diagnosis is a fair way off as I don't get to see a neurologist until February.


JRandSue said...

Get well soon Karen.

Wilma said...

The Black Redstart looks a good deal different than the American Redstart that winters here in Belize. Nice looking little fellow. Hope you feel better soon and get a diagnosis of something that is easy to treat! Good to see you back.

Brett said...

Sorry to hear you've been unwell and I do hope you feel better soon. Take care buddy.

Andrew Cunningham said...

Nice to get an update from you. Hope things turn out well.

Dave Helliar said...

Get well soon Karen,
Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Welcome back; you've been missed.


Karen Woolley said...

Thanks for the good wishes folks. I really do appreciate it.. even though it's taken me this to reply. Sorry about that.