Friday 13 July 2012

A Bit More of Seaton Falls Off! ( and Some Unidentified Moths)

There isn't going to be a lot of Seaton's lovely coastline left for visitors to explore this summer with another popular beach now cordoned off. After a landslip cut off access to the beach east of the harbour mouth last Saturday, continuing wet weather has triggered further landslips to the west of Seaton on the beach between The Chine and Seaton Hole. Yesterday morning ominous cracks had appeared in the tarmac on Beer Old Road like so...

This morning this had happened.....

Worryingly close to houses too.

I went down to Seaton Hole to see what the landslip was like at the beach end.

From the beach it isn't all that dramatic looking, ( it's the one in the foreground with the fallen tree) but looks as if it may well fall further. To the east of it there are three more landslips..

Four landslips along Seaton Hole beach. Further east ( right at the edge of the photo) workmen are removing some of the beach huts which were hit by another small landslip on Saturday. Not a good year to have a beach hut along here as this latest incident comes after some of them were damaged /destroyed by two separate gales earlier in the year.

I haven't had a lot of joy with the moth trap this year despite having a nice big garden. It's just been too cool, wet and windy most of the time. On the occasions when I haven't caught just water I've only caught moths in single figures. I don't have a rain guard for it  so nights when I dare leave it out are few and far between. The best catch I've had this year was last Thursday when I caught 97 moths. Nothing very exciting or new ( apart from a few micros ( new that is ...not exciting) but nice to have caught something this year. Trouble was it was so cold and wet on Friday and Saturday nights that I still had most of the moths on Sunday. They just wouldn't leave! 

Here's a few of the ones I photographed because they looked nice on the white wall.

 Ribband Wave

 Scorched Carpet

Nicely camouflaged Common White Wave

I think this micro is a Celypha lacunana

This one is Pseudarygrotoza conwagana. What a great name, that's if you can say it!!

I couldn't identify this one. Its not a very good photo I'm afraid but can anyone help? It was only about a cm long.

Tachystola acroxantha . Thanks Mark :-)

I took photos of a few micros while walking Rex near the River Coly a couple of weeks ago. This one I know..

Nettle TapAnthophilia  fabriciana

I thought this one was a Longhorn Moth of some sort but I couldn't find out which. I found other russet coloured ones similar to it but none that have the distinctive brown lines and pale patch. Any ideas?
EDIT: This is most likely a Long Horned Caddisfly. You live and learn.

No idea! Is it even a moth? Could it be a hairy fly? Smaller than the Nettle Tap.
 EDIT: Is it a Moth , is it a Fly?  No it's a Moth-Fly! Or Owl-Midge, I like that name better. Describes it brilliantly!  (Again thanks to Mark)

 Speckled Bush Cricket nymph.... Very well camouflaged.

Lychnis Moth larva .. Very greedy!


Skev said...

I'm never going to moan about pot-holes again!

Your first unidentified moth is Tachystola acroxantha. Note sure about the 'longhorn moth', doesn't look at all familiar - could it be a caddisfly? The third one is definitely a fly, one of Psychodidae (variously referred to as owl-midges, moth-flies or drain-flies) - don't think these can be identified from a photo.

LojaWldlife said...


Cracking blog, enjoyed reading it for some time now and looking at the photo's. Some of them remind me of 40 odd years in Shropshire but now I am living in Spain we get a lot of equally nice species. We are quite used to pot hole like that here!!

Keep up the with interesting content.


Karen Woolley said...

Thanks Mick. Glad you're enjoying it. Do I wish I was living in Spain the weather we've been having this 'summer'?! ;-)

Thanks for the identifications Mark.

I did think of Caddis Fly but I ruled it out on antenna size. I didn't realize there were such things as long horned Caddis Flies which I've now found out there are so it probably is one.