Sunday, 3 October 2010

Grey Phalarope on Black Hole Marsh

Seeing as Sunday is one of only two evenings that I'm not at work I always like to go down to Black Hole Marsh or Colyford Common if I can. Here I usually enjoy the peace and tranquility, the birds and sometimes the company of one or two local birders too. I knew this evening wouldn't be anything like that because a while before I ventured down I'd received a text from Ian Waite telling of a Grey Phalarope on Black Hole Marsh. When I arrived there were about twelve people on site which increased to a maximum of twenty, the most I've ever seen here and definitely a taste of things to come, for the new hide is nearing completion. The bird was showing well. Showing well behind the bank that is!

Crippling View
Lots of people trying to see the Grey Phalarope.
Eventually very slight naughtiness just has to ensue.
I call this photo 'The Four Degrees of Ever So Slightly Naughty'

Later I partook of a bit of naughtiness myself. Actually I was no more naughty than the good people pictured above. However, my scope was very naughty indeed!
On Thursday morning I was up on Beer Head where I didn't see anything worth reporting but I took this atmospheric photo of  Seaton and the river valley shrouded in valley fog.

It's taken me hours and hours to get this post on here. The new blogger photo uploader is just awful, locking up and causing my computer to keep crashing. Anyone else having problems with it? Also why does it let you upload several photos but insists on putting them all on your blog in one go? It's a nightmare! (Excuse the hyperbole, I doubt anyone would actually have a night terror due to a photo uploder). If it doesn't start working soon I'm gonna have to defect to WordPress or stop altogether, far too time consuming!! No fun at all =(


Wilma said...

See if you can unselect each picture in the preview window. I have to unselect each photo thumbnail individually and then make sure I have the one I want selected before I click "upload". When selected, the thumbnail has a blue border that I would describe as sublte at best, so it is easy to overlook that all the thumbnails are selected. Hope this helps. Glad you persevered to get your post on!


Karen Woolley said...

Thanks for your help Wilma. :-) I worked that one out (I had to because I can't move the photos once they're on the blog ) but then found if I just select the one photo from the preview once it is transferred to my blog all the other photos in the preview window vanished. I had to keep going back to get each one from my computer separately, each one taking three or four attempts to download!!

I don't know what was wrong with the old way! I know, I'm a Luddite ;-)

Bryan Rains said...

Same problems here. I worked out the photo bit too but can I heck get a video on!! I've tried the old editor too and that didn't work either - ho hum.
Nice Phal though - could do with one of those up here.