Thursday, 4 May 2017

Butterfly Yearlisting

This year as well as a 'little bit of botanising' I'm hoping to see and photograph all the British butterfly species, which will include three lifers, possibly more if I'm lucky enough to see any rare migrants. You never know! Andy's an old hand at it having seen all the species for several years in a row, so I'm in the best company. We've got off to a flying start too with 25 species 'in the bag' by the end of April. Here's a list of them with dates and locations.

1. Comma                                15th March Brockenhurst New Forest

2. Peacock                                15th March Beaulieu New Forest

3. Red Admiral                         15th March Wareham Foreset Dorset

4. Small Tortoisehell                15th March Wareham Forest Dorset

5. Small White                         25th March Dunscombe East Devon

6. Brimstone                             26th March Harpford Common East Devon

7. Green Veined White             28th March Wretton Cut Off Norfolk

8. Speckled Wood                     2nd April Ballard Down Dorset

9. Holly Blue                            2nd April Ballard Down Dorset

10. Small Copper                      2nd April Ballard Down Dorset

11. Orange Tip                          2nd April Ballard Dowm Dorset

12. Green Hairstreak                 11th April Ballard Down Dorset

13. Grizzled Skipper                 11th April Cotley Hill Wiltshire

14. Painted Lady                       11th April Cotley Hill Wiltshire

15. Wall Brown                         18th April Kynance Cove Cornwall

16. Clouded Yellow                   19th April Seaton Cornwall

17. Pearl-bordered Fritillary      19th April Ramshorn Down Devon

18. Large White                         19th April Ramshorn Down Devon

19. Small Blue                            22nd April Bottomcombe Portland Dorset

20. Duke of Burgundy                23rd April Noar Hill Hampshire

21. Dingy Skipper                       23rd April Noar Hill Hampshire

22. Wood White                          26th April Branscombe East Devon

23. Common Blue                       26th April Branscombe East Devon

24. Small Heath                           29th April Wretton Cut Off Norfolk

25. Brown Argus                         29th April Wretton Cut Off Norfolk

I haven't photographed all of them, but here's a few that I have got so far.

 Clouded Yellow

Dingy Skipper 

Duke of Burgundy

Small Blue

 Green-veined White

Grizzled Skipper

Orange Tip

Small Copper

Small White

 Speckled Wood

Wood White


Gibster said...

Best of luck, it's a thrill trying for them all. I did this in 2010 except I tried for all the subspecies too. Failed to find Clouded Yellow and Mountain Ringlet but photographed the rest. Missed several subsp (and even now I've still to see a few) but was great fun anyway. Are you going to Ireland for Cryptic Wood White? Your already excellent blog looks to be even more interesting this summer!

Wayne Tucker said...

Excellent stuff Karen and Looking Good on 25 ! Still 17 myself but hoping for a few other before i go to Mallorca on the 18th, Good luck and great blog :)

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks for commenting guys.

Wayne - Will probably bump into you again during the year!

Seth - No, not going to Ireland. My list is going to be GB butterflies rather than UK.

It's just a shame I'm out and about so much I don't get time to put it all on the blog. Lots more plants to see this year too. I'll try and update the blog when I can.