Thursday, 27 August 2015

Sometimes It's Just not Meant To Be

I've just spent two hours writing a blog post ( I promised I would) and somehow managed to delete the whole thing! Well  I didn't blogger did. When it auto saved the whole lot just vanished. I'll try again when I've got another spare hour or three and I'm feeling lucky! :-(

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Wood Sandpipers

Yes, it's a blog post and there are birds in it! The unprecedented occurrence of a whopping THIRTY FOUR Wood Sandpipers at Black Hole Marsh on Sunday actually tempted me to go down there. First time since the Penduline Tits in April. It was amazing to see Woodsands in every direction I looked, it really was a sight worth seeing! (Although I have to admit at this point that I was only able to go to Black Hole Marsh because my botanizing trip was curtailed due to a problem with my friend's car)  Some inevitably came close to the hide and gave some good photo opportunities. I took quite a few shots but haven't had much time to look through them (just too many of them) but I've managed to select a few to put on here.

You may remember in my last blog post I mentioned that I'd got five different trips worth of stuff waiting to go on here....well, that is now at least SIXTEEN. I'll be amalgamating some of them as they cover several visits to the same places. I've seen some great stuff ( yes, mainly plants, but plenty of inverts too) and will endeavour to start getting some on here this week. I will, really.

I love the way Woodsands appear to'change shape'

This photo shows the very big eyes really well..
No chance of sneaking up on this guy!

There was also a nice Little Stint which stayed a bit too far away for my camera.
I really should have taken my scope, which is, I'm afraid to say, gathering dust in the closet.

Also a few Ruff too.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Another Trip to Hampshire.

Over the last couple of weeks I've been out doing a lot of botanising all over the place and therefore have lots of good stuff to get on here. I've been so busy I haven't had time to download my photos until today and there are five different trips worth! The first of these was ten days ago when I went to visit Martha in Winchester again and naturally I popped in on a few good plant locations on the way, like you do! Two of these were at what promised to be superb sites for 'arable weeds' and I wasn't disappointed. I'm turning into a bit of an 'arable weed' fanatic I'm afraid! The first site to the north of Winchester was an arable field margin with a superb selection of plants including the rare Ground Pine - Ajuga chamaepitys,

Ground Pine looks and smells a bit like a pine seedling but is a member of the dead-nettle family with tiny yellow flowers.

The flowers are very pretty close up with red spots and stripes.

Ground Pine - Ajuga chamaepitys

I also found some Small Toadflax - Chaenorhinum minus

At a nearby I found just a single plant of 
Cut-leaved Germander - Teucrium botrys

Then onto another arable field margin on the outskirts of Basingstoke...

This broad headland was crammed full of 'arable weeds'. I was in heaven! Especially so when I saw this this rare beauty...

Large Venus's Looking Glass - Legousia speculum-veneris

Common Fumitory Fumaria officinalis

In a nearby set aside field I saw this pretty pink form of Chicory - Cichorium intybus

 Field Rose - Rosa arvensis

Lucerne - Medicago sativa

Once in Winchester I had a quick look around the Winnall Moors reserve and saw a few nice plants there too including...

 Marsh Bedstraw - Galium palustre

 Monkey Flower - Mimulus guttatus

Blue Water Speedwell - Veronica anagallis-aquatica

Yellow Loosestrife - Lysimachia vulgaris

Skullcap Scutelleria galericulata